About Zalando

Zalando is a fashion and technology company transforming into a multi-service platform for fashion. In order to connect people and fashion both online and offline, we develop solutions that bring all the different players in the fashion industry together.

Scope of Digital Marketing

Zalando became the European thought leader in digital marketing because of our united expertise and talent as well as our motivation to progress to new levels in the industry. We are driven to expand our position in the market and leverage the power to create our own products. Zalando is transforming from being a pure e-commerce company into a multi-service platform. Our Digital Marketing team achieves commercial excellence in driving traffic to our platform, building customer know-how and relationships for targeted approaches. We enable brands and advertisers to perform and achieve their objectives. Digital Marketing covers all marketing channels, from SEO, SEA, ASA, Affiliate, Display, Mobile, Social Media, CBM to Offline Marketing with a local targeting approach for 15 European markets.

What makes us special

Scaling Opportunities

At Zalando we strive to rethink the standard and set new benchmarks. Others might have ideas, but we put our ideas into practice. We are able to do so because we have the data, tools and expertise.

Achieving Excellence

We are Europe’s thought leader in Digital Marketing - working for Zalando allows you to collaborate with experts in various fields in the digital marketing world.

Driving Change

At Zalando, we trust and motivate people to continuously improve – at any level. Everyone has the freedom and the opportunity to initiate and drive change.

International Markets

15 countries represented in one office building: we’re operating all our international markets from the heart of Berlin! Our localized offering addresses the distinct preferences of our customers in each European market we serve: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and the United Kingdom. We are always looking for locals to further improve our customer centricity. Check out the jobs in our country teams!

The combination of curiosity about new things and testing their impact enables you to learn a lot!

Onsite Performance Sweden

I work in a team with people from 7 different countries- we all have in common that we are passionate about our job, like to laugh and are awesome teammates.

Gift Voucher Manager

I like working at Zalando because, even if I think I can plan much of my day, I always end up doing or learning something unexpected.

Local Sales Analyst

Creating the Platform

Based on our platform strategy, we’re working on more products and solutions in the Digital Marketing sector. Zalando Media Solutions and Collabary are only the start, stay tuned!


Zalando Media Solutions creates meaningful connections between brands and consumers through a deep understanding of their personalities. The company was founded in 2015, is active in 15 European markets and works for major brands such as Converse, Douglas, Nike, Adidas, G-Star and many more. ZMS is the strategic partner of sophisticated fashion and lifestyle brands, agencies and publishers. The digital marketing specialist offers impactful media solutions based on in-depth audience services, cutting edge technology, compelling content and expansive reach, guiding the consumer through all stages of the funnel. ZMS enables brands to reach the right audiences at the right moment with exclusive ad products in the Zalando shops and apps, campaigns on premium publisher sites and social media channels, influencer marketing campaigns as well as creative, audience-centric storytelling concepts.

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What's Collabary? Collabary is a young and agile start-up within Zalando Media Solutions working directly with the coolest social media influencers and most exciting brands. What makes Collabary unique? Imagine a work-flow tool allowing brands to streamline all content creator activities along planning, management and content distribution. Technology-driven marketers can handle all activities within one platform. From creatives to measures, from chatting to payments: Collabary offers all necessary tools and allows brands to grow and sustain personal relationships. A marketplace, giving access to all relevant players and enablers within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sphere. www.collabary.com

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Many Profiles

Analytics & Data Science

Are you into data? Join the team to run deep analysis in various fields to deliver insights for steering best in class marketing activities.


Online Marketing Manager

Design and execute campaigns in our various performance marketing channels or be strategic sparring partner to the market lead and steer our local marketing activities.


Mobile & RTB Experts

Do you speak RTB or mobile fluently? Be our expert when it comes to state of the art marketing technology.


Account Management for affiliates and cooperation partners

Build productive partnerships with our affiliates to help our customers, like the Zalando fashion store, to reach their business goals.


Media Sales and Account Management

Promote our innovative audience advertising solutions to advertisers, agencies and other demand side partners or manage and coordinate clients’ projects as Account Manager.


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